With the help of Shakespeare & Co., a local Missoula independent bookseller, Perri held a pre-release book and piano party special to her hometown last December, in the soaring, cathedral-like lobby of the MCT Performing Arts Center. A crowd of about 80 souls braved roads covered in black ice to attend the event, no doubt drawn in by the promise of free wine and food:

MCT Party

Perri was introduced by her friend Dorothy Patent, a well-known author of children's books. Then Perri read aloud from GRAND OBSESSION.

Perri reads from Grand Obsession

Perri truly captivated the crowd with her expressive reading--they gasped in horror at the loss of her piano's voice, and belly laughed at some of the characters' outrageous proclamations.

The MCT lobby is a wonderful space for a reading--perfect acoustics, playful architecture, and beautifully decorated for the holidays:

MCT decorated for the holidays

While Perri signed books, the audience enjoyed playing the Yamaha grand piano on the balcony, and we were treated to an hour or two of fine music before heading out for a nightcap.

A hearty "thank you" to the MCT staff for making this event possible!